2021 Stiff Upper Lip Rallye

The 2021 Texas All British Car Day Rallye will help us leave our COVID collywobbles behind and set our cars and drivers safely free, as we leave from the host hotel, Homewood Suites, Round Rock, Saturday afternoon and explore 80 miles of winding roads, rolling hills and charming small communities in beautiful east Williamson County. Bring that stiff‐upper‐lip attitude you’ve perfected since the last TXABCD. Keep calm and carry on as you navigate the at times challenging drive route and search for answers to those cheeky clues! Bob’s your Uncle! ‐ for everyone who finally makes it to Sheet’s Ranch to join their mates for the wonderful Texas BBQ banquet. Only one team will feel proper chuffed to receive the First Place rallye prize at awards time.

Have Fun and Good Luck !

(Estimated time of 2 hours +/‐).